Remmina - The GTK+ Remote Desktop Client  v1.3.1
Remmina is a remote desktop client written in GTK+, aiming to be useful for system administrators and travellers, who need to work with lots of remote computers in front of either large monitors or tiny netbooks. Remmina supports multiple network protocols in an integrated and consistent user interface. Currently RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP and SSH are supported.
remmina_public.c File Reference

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GtkWidget * remmina_public_create_combo_entry (const gchar *text, const gchar *def, gboolean descending)
GtkWidget * remmina_public_create_combo_text_d (const gchar *text, const gchar *def, const gchar *empty_choice)
void remmina_public_load_combo_text_d (GtkWidget *combo, const gchar *text, const gchar *def, const gchar *empty_choice)
GtkWidget * remmina_public_create_combo (gboolean use_icon)
GtkWidget * remmina_public_create_combo_map (const gpointer *key_value_list, const gchar *def, gboolean use_icon, const gchar *domain)
GtkWidget * remmina_public_create_combo_mapint (const gpointer *key_value_list, gint def, gboolean use_icon, const gchar *domain)
void remmina_public_create_group (GtkGrid *table, const gchar *group, gint row, gint rows, gint cols)
gchar * remmina_public_combo_get_active_text (GtkComboBox *combo)
void remmina_public_popup_position (GtkMenu *menu, gint *x, gint *y, gboolean *push_in, gpointer user_data)
gchar * remmina_public_combine_path (const gchar *path1, const gchar *path2)
void remmina_public_get_server_port (const gchar *server, gint defaultport, gchar **host, gint *port)
gboolean remmina_public_get_xauth_cookie (const gchar *display, gchar **msg)
gint remmina_public_open_xdisplay (const gchar *disp)
guint remmina_public_get_current_workspace (GdkScreen *screen)
guint remmina_public_get_window_workspace (GtkWindow *gtkwindow)
guint16 remmina_public_get_keycode_for_keyval (GdkKeymap *keymap, guint keyval)
gboolean remmina_public_get_modifier_for_keycode (GdkKeymap *keymap, guint16 keycode)
GtkBuilder * remmina_public_gtk_builder_new_from_file (gchar *filename)
void remmina_public_gtk_widget_reparent (GtkWidget *widget, GtkContainer *container)
gboolean remmina_public_resolution_validation_func (const gchar *new_str, gchar **error)
void remmina_public_send_notification (const gchar *notification_id, const gchar *notification_title, const gchar *notification_message)
gchar * remmina_public_str_replace (const gchar *string, const gchar *search, const gchar *replacement)
gchar * remmina_public_str_replace_in_place (gchar *string, const gchar *search, const gchar *replacement)
int remmina_public_split_resolution_string (const char *resolution_string, int *w, int *h)
gboolean remmina_gtk_check_version (guint major, guint minor, guint micro)

Function Documentation

◆ remmina_gtk_check_version()

gboolean remmina_gtk_check_version ( guint  major,
guint  minor,
guint  micro 

Definition at line 706 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_combine_path()

gchar* remmina_public_combine_path ( const gchar *  path1,
const gchar *  path2 

Definition at line 323 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_combo_get_active_text()

gchar* remmina_public_combo_get_active_text ( GtkComboBox *  combo)

Definition at line 266 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_create_combo()

GtkWidget* remmina_public_create_combo ( gboolean  use_icon)

Definition at line 175 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_create_combo_entry()

GtkWidget* remmina_public_create_combo_entry ( const gchar *  text,
const gchar *  def,
gboolean  descending 

Definition at line 62 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_create_combo_map()

GtkWidget* remmina_public_create_combo_map ( const gpointer *  key_value_list,
const gchar *  def,
gboolean  use_icon,
const gchar *  domain 

Definition at line 205 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_create_combo_mapint()

GtkWidget* remmina_public_create_combo_mapint ( const gpointer *  key_value_list,
gint  def,
gboolean  use_icon,
const gchar *  domain 

Definition at line 237 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_create_combo_text_d()

GtkWidget* remmina_public_create_combo_text_d ( const gchar *  text,
const gchar *  def,
const gchar *  empty_choice 

Definition at line 111 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_create_group()

void remmina_public_create_group ( GtkGrid *  table,
const gchar *  group,
gint  row,
gint  rows,
gint  cols 

Definition at line 245 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_get_current_workspace()

guint remmina_public_get_current_workspace ( GdkScreen *  screen)

Definition at line 444 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_get_keycode_for_keyval()

guint16 remmina_public_get_keycode_for_keyval ( GdkKeymap *  keymap,
guint  keyval 

Definition at line 549 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_get_modifier_for_keycode()

gboolean remmina_public_get_modifier_for_keycode ( GdkKeymap *  keymap,
guint16  keycode 

Definition at line 564 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_get_server_port()

void remmina_public_get_server_port ( const gchar *  server,
gint  defaultport,
gchar **  host,
gint *  port 

Definition at line 333 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_get_window_workspace()

guint remmina_public_get_window_workspace ( GtkWindow *  gtkwindow)

Definition at line 495 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_get_xauth_cookie()

gboolean remmina_public_get_xauth_cookie ( const gchar *  display,
gchar **  msg 

Definition at line 379 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_gtk_builder_new_from_file()

GtkBuilder* remmina_public_gtk_builder_new_from_file ( gchar *  filename)

Definition at line 576 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_gtk_widget_reparent()

void remmina_public_gtk_widget_reparent ( GtkWidget *  widget,
GtkContainer *  container 

Definition at line 593 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_load_combo_text_d()

void remmina_public_load_combo_text_d ( GtkWidget *  combo,
const gchar *  text,
const gchar *  def,
const gchar *  empty_choice 

Definition at line 130 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_open_xdisplay()

gint remmina_public_open_xdisplay ( const gchar *  disp)

Definition at line 410 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_popup_position()

void remmina_public_popup_position ( GtkMenu *  menu,
gint *  x,
gint *  y,
gboolean *  push_in,
gpointer  user_data 

Definition at line 287 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_resolution_validation_func()

gboolean remmina_public_resolution_validation_func ( const gchar *  new_str,
gchar **  error 

Definition at line 603 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_send_notification()

void remmina_public_send_notification ( const gchar *  notification_id,
const gchar *  notification_title,
const gchar *  notification_message 

Definition at line 644 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_split_resolution_string()

int remmina_public_split_resolution_string ( const char *  resolution_string,
int *  w,
int *  h 

Definition at line 691 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_str_replace()

gchar* remmina_public_str_replace ( const gchar *  string,
const gchar *  search,
const gchar *  replacement 

Definition at line 659 of file remmina_public.c.

◆ remmina_public_str_replace_in_place()

gchar* remmina_public_str_replace_in_place ( gchar *  string,
const gchar *  search,
const gchar *  replacement 

Definition at line 682 of file remmina_public.c.